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Day 364

Posted on December 30 2015

“How would my movie character approach a situation?” Q & A with minor leaguer and entrepreneur Cameron Monger The beauty of social media is that it allows people to connect who potentially would not have had the opportunity. Recently I took that opportunity to chat with a guy that I follow on Instagram. His name is Cameron Monger. Cameron is a minor league baseball player and a business owner. He is focused on giving and making peoples’ lives better. Here’s a little from our conversation the other day: Q: So what is your daily routine like? Cameron: I wake up and make coffee and breakfast. Then I spend a few minutes with whatever book I’ve been reading at the time. Then I review my daily planner that is basically an on-going to-do list. Once I get to the gym I read while I’m on the treadmill to get inspired. Q: How do you finish your day? Cameron: About the same way I started. I’ll read a bit more and then look check my daily planner to see if I need to reprioritize, or what have you. Q: What Core Values do you live by? Cameron: “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” That is a Jackie Robinson quote. I love helping others. Secondly: “do what you say you are going to do.” I try to be honest whether it’s saying “no” when necessary or going the extra mile to give someone the help they’re asking for. I want people to know where I stand. Q: What else are you up to? Cameron: I own a business with Dennis Pelfrey and Chad Rhodes called Alpha Evolve ( We focus on fine detail training, base running and defense, as well as being strong mentally. We are also working with a few gyms to offer mental skills classes and are looking to partner with schools in the near future. Q: How do you create your vision? Cameron: To me vision isn't just seeing the end goal of your hopes and dreams; it’s the entire path from conception to realization. One of the things we teach is for people to see themselves as a character in a movie. We know who Han Solo is, but we don’t personally know who Harrison Ford is. When I am playing baseball I have 9 innings (or about 3 hours) to create who I want to be and for how long. I want to bridge the gap between who I used to be to who my ideal self is. Q: Why do you number the days on your Instagram? Cameron: It’s kind of a form of accountability for me and it helps me stay transparent. I don’t take days off, but, you know, some days are tougher than others. So I can look back at a day and see maybe how long it took me to accomplish a goal, or things of that nature. It also helps me to connect with people a little differently than just the occasional “look what I’m up to” picture. Even if only in a very organized way.

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Unsurprisingly, Cameron has his vision set on winning the World Series someday! This is from a guy who will play for the Normal CornBelters this spring! Add that to his schedule of giving hitting lessons, substitute teaching, and driving an Uber. All while working towards playing on the biggest stage a baseball player could ever dream of. Over the last few weeks as I have been talking about goals and visions Cameron came in and just hit a homerun with how he is living his life. Please check out his website as well as his Instagram (@CameronMonger). They will not disappoint. Cameron, thank you for your time and good luck this spring on the diamond!