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Posted on November 11 2013

What people wear has always had immense importance from the beginning of time all the way until recent history. People have always been able to identify with family, culture, or other groups of people in how they dress. They might dress a certain way to show inclusion with a group, like religious beliefs, or that they are in the know with what is in fashion for that particular culture in that period of time. Across all cultures it also might not just be what you are wearing but also how you are wearing it.  A hat tipped to one side in Spain might affiliate you with a certain political group, a scarf tied at the waist in Argentina might associate you with a certain part of the working class, and a pair of white jeans rolled at the ankle might get a guy ostracized in his country club's locker room. Now this might seem quite long winded and pointless, but I was thinking about how we are so careful at A.K.RIKK'S in showing the right piece for someone, and showing them how to wear it, when to wear it, and when not to wear it or put it away. It is something both handed down from our ancestors in the form of an innate sense of style, but also changes and moves according to culture. Phew...I bet you're glad you know us!