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Posted on July 08 2015

Lately the word “change” has come up over and over again in my life, personally and professionally. Change is an interesting word. It brings about so many different emotions and feelings and everyone handles it so differently. Part of my purpose in life is to help people deal with change.   Allow them to not only see where they are, but where they can go. And in the end, to make their lives better today than they were yesterday. My reason for writing this blog is to offer you my philosophy and thought pattern that I use when dealing with change. If you know what to expect it can make the changes needed a lot easier to embrace during the difficult times.   If you are familiar with “The Hero’s Journey” (Joseph Campbell) story telling philosophy it is partially an adaptation of that. I have boiled it down to three parts as opposed to twelve, because I want for it to be tangible and agile. We are living a story, not narrating one. The first step is a “call to adventure”. We are all called to adventure, or action on a daily basis. This can be difficult to comprehend and deal with emotionally and logically. This change can be losing weight, changing jobs, a move, relationship, or even a slight change in your daily routine or output at work. This is where we make or break what we want out of this adventure. This is where we are hopeful. We believe things can be better and we know there is something to attain and we have to change in order to get it.   Since this first step is pivotal this is where I spend the most time planning. Sit down with your journal or legal pad and write out the purpose of why this change needs to happen. It’s not enough to hold it in your brain. You have to allow it to seep into your heart so that subconsciously you can start making decisions based on where you want to end up-your purpose. Once you have your purpose down and you feel comfortable with where you are going, start writing out your objectives of how you will get there. What is your plan? Jim Rohn said, “It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.” Change offers you a choice. You may do with it what you will because it is inevitable.   Secondly, we deal with “tests, allies, and enemies.” The reason we pay so much attention to the first step is because step two is a grind. It is so difficult. This is where you once again get to make choices. You will encounter difficulties and opportunities that can take you off course. There are times that the adventure we are on is not the adventure we should stay on. For example, I worked very hard on a baseball documentary for two years. I made a lot of headway and then there came a time that I realized “shelving it” was the way to go. It was hard and I struggled with the decision because I was so close to fulfilling this purpose, but I also knew my heart, and that won out. On the reverse side of this philosophy I sold a business 8 years ago having no clue what I was going to do. All I wanted to do was coach and love people. That’s not an easy sell at most companies. But, I made a plan and started studying, learning, and then giving the information to people whenever I had a chance. This led me to be a Home Supervisor for neglected boys and that led me to A.K. Rikk’s. There were so many bumps in the road but I had no doubt that my lifelong purpose was to make people better versions of themselves. And since then, I’ve stuck to this grind and have not looked back. No matter what your situation is, know yourself and trust yourself.   Part three is “the reward.” The beautiful thing about change and choices is that you are always rewarded for them. Read that again. You are always rewarded. It may be the worst scenario/situation you could imagine, but in the end if you feel your heart in the decision and you struggle through the “bad” you will be given priceless rewards. The law of reciprocation will play to your favor. It might look a little different than the way you envisioned it, but you will be happy.   Change is difficult and you will struggle with it. You will feel pain and you will feel joy, but the pursuit of it is where you will find life. So, take a moment and process something you want to change. Write down your purpose and the objectives. Start walking through stage two today. Go get your reward.