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Beyond Profit

Posted on October 29 2012

Due to its respect of Italian history and culture, its strong philosophy of "supreme good," and its dedication to quality, the Brunello Cucinelli brand is one of the world's leaders of cashmere manufacturers. Therefore, it was such a pleasure having Hayley and Victor from Cucinelli in the store today. Taking the time to visit us at our new location, Victor and Hayley led a seminar for the A.K. Rikk's staff, explaining all about the brand's process, its products, its home, and its founder. What struck me most about Cucinelli was its focus on its employees and the supreme good: "giving business a meaning that goes beyond profit and reinvesting to improve the lives of workers, to enhance and restore the beauty of the world."

It's very interesting to watch two companies with similar philosophies work together.