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Behind The Seams with A.K. RIKK'S - Matt

Posted on January 14 2017

  Today as a part of Behind The Seams with A.K. RIKK’S series we’d like to introduce our Personal Shopper Matt Sova! Matt has been a part of our family for thirteen years and explains, "I've always loved everything about the entertainment and fashion industries! It's about giving everyone an experience and a good laugh. Personal Shopping gives me the opportunity to do all of that." Matt has always had sparkle about him hence why he is wonderful at Facebook lives. Get to know Matt's views on style, where he draws inspiration from, and how he is a full blown thrill seeker though a series of questions in our fourth Behind The Seams with A.K. RIKK’S interview. How did you first start in the fashion industry?   I’ve always had a passion for clothes, style, and beauty. I worked in retail on and off when I was young but then when I lived in Savannah I worked as a Personal Shopper and I knew I wanted this as my career. It’s funny because being a Personal Shopper has an equal mixture of everything I love - people, entertainment, and fashion. I started at A.K. RIKK’S thirteen years ago when we had a small group of Personal Shoppers, Visual Designers, and so on. It’s really cool to see how much A.K. RIKK’S has grown and to be a part of that. I actually worked in Visual and Events before I became a full-time Personal Shopper here. Favorite places to travel to? I would have to say my favorite place I’ve traveled to would be Italy. Everything about Italy is simply amazing. I have traveled to the Isle of Capri twice - from the food to the architecture nothing beats it. You can easily just lose track of time walking around and admiring the beauty whether it’s the scenery or the locals. The people have this effortless style with a relaxed feel/look about them but still maintain an extremely elegant appeal. There is definitely a lot of effort and pride put into their outfits - and that to me is my favorite way of dressing. I once visited the ISAIA factory in Naples and I was in total awe. The facility is breathtaking. For me, seeing the other side of the fashion business puts everything into perspective. I think it is very easy to forget there is so much more to clothes. There is a story behind how every piece of clothing we wear was designed. What is on your bucket list? Oh wow, so many things. Well I don't think a lot of people know this about me but I am a thrill seeker. I love adrenaline. I’ve jumped out of a plane once at sunset which was equally scary and exciting. What I want to do next is drive a race car. I want to go very fast, preferably in Monte Carlo. I love attending fashion shows. I have gone to two Pamella Roland shows in New York City and I really want to go to Paris Fashion Week. If I could I would go to every fashion week: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Best style advice? Always be yourself. Clothes are beautiful, they are meant to give you a feeling, a feeling of confidence. Definitely always have fun with how you dress. I believe every person should feel as if they own the room from the very first moment they enter. Also, for a special event GO ALL OUT! These are the moments to purchase a gown or a tuxedo and be that power couple. You will never be too over dressed. Where do you find style inspiration? The film industry. I lived in Savannah on and off for four years and in that time I worked in the film industry on three different films: Wild America, Forces of Nature, and Gingerbread Man. The entertainment industry in general is my favorite. I truly love to make people laugh or cheer them up. To me it’s about the experience, I try to create an experience for every client. I want everyone to feel good, look good, and carry themselves with complete confidence. Next time you shop with us make sure to say “hi” to Matt! If you love Matt's style and would like him to help you express yours – schedule a complimentary Personal Shopping appointment. We want to hear your story! If you would like to share your perspective on style or where you find inspiration please email us at