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An Exclusive Q&A with Brunello Cucinelli

Posted on October 15 2015

What can we expect from Brunello Cucinelli Spring 2016?

BC: The SS16 collection expresses a free spirited and modern elegance shown in a variety of combinations, colors, and patterns. Two components of the collection that are very important to us lies in cashmere and luxury sportswear. Lightness, shapes, and layering all play an important role.

Spring outerwear is particularly an important component in the styling and merchandising of the full look. We have had a lot of success in outerwear in our current fall season and continue to invest in this category, whether it be leather or fabric, it remains important for spring.

Was there a particular inspiration behind the collection?

BC: Inspiration of the collection comes from our surroundings and lifestyle in Umbria. This season’s collection is casual, lux, and fun loving - giving meaning to having a free spirited summer. There is an emphasis on craftsmanship and a vitality of modern casual elements as well as new materials from natural blends to tech fibers – all in refined light shades or intense natural summer colors and pastels.

What make’s Brunello Cucinelli such a special brand?

BC: I focus on all elements of the brand to always maintain the highest level of quality. From the designs and craftsmanship to the people and work environment. I am passionate about giving back to my community and supporting the local economy in Umbria. We maintain 100% our manufacturing in Italy, where 80% of our production is done locally in Umbria. My dream was to lay the foundation of the company so that it would build something that will last for many lifetimes that many can prosper from. I work hard toward building a wonderful working environment for employees in Solomeo. As a result, it allows a space for people to be calm, creative, and inspired.

Was there something you saw that made you want to offer something better to these factory workers?

BC: I was the son of a farmer and remember when my father would come back from his days and feeling like he wasn’t appreciated for the work he did. I decided that my intention in creating a company would be to give back to the worker and create the best possible environment for people to live. Every worker has the right to be respected and has been the core of my business for the past 35 years.

I’ve always had a dream to raise up the human dignity; I’ve always tried to make a profit without damaging mankind.

How would you say that Brunello Cucinelli makes men the best versions of themselves?

BC: I design with the intention of making a man feel confident, sophisticated, and chic. I come from a simple and humble background, so I understand what a man looks for on a day to day as well as maintaining a busy lifestyle. I look to create versatility, universality, and functionality for his wardrobe. The collection allows men to dress with comfort and ease, not thinking too much about what to wear, but always to look put together and elegant. The color palette and silhouettes I choose are timeless, so any item can be paired nicely with pieces from past seasons ago. He can be smart about how he builds his wardrobe and invest in pieces that will last for many years. 

A very special thanks to Brunello Cucinelli himself for taking the time to answer our questions. His words and stories are an inspiration to each and every one of us at A.K. Rikk's.

Our special Spring 2016 Preview Event continues today and tomorrow, October 15th and 16th. Call 616.957.3242 to make an appointment and to see a new level of quality and craftsmanship.