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a jaunt on the links

Posted on July 31 2010

For a long time now, I've wanted to address what our store experience is to you readers who have never been or just have not visited in the last few years. In order to start the dialogue I want to relay a conversation that happened on a golf course last week. A well outfitted foursome were slicing and hacking their way down the fairway, and also conversing amongst themselves about the finer things in life, and not surprisingly, our store became the topic of conversation. Two of the gentlemen, who religiously shop with us were explaining to the others what makes things in our store so special, and why what you pay for is what you get. One guy spoke up and said, "you know, even though I can, I won't shop there for my everyday things, but the next time my company has their annual meeting at headquarters, I'm going to go in and get a suit." He finished his retort by saying, "it seems like the place to go when it really matters". 

We have talked about this story quite a bit at the store over the last week. That last statement really sunk in as a new mantra for us. To some guys it really matters to look their best each and every day. To others, there are really special occasions that they know they should really step it up, and it matters to them then. We are always here for both guys.

"A.K.RIKK'S. When it matters."