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A DVF Fairy Tale

Posted on December 15 2012

Diane von Furstenberg does things differently and that's what I most appreciate about her. Having revolutionized the way women dress not just once in the 1970s but also in the 1990s, DVF is an incredible role model for young fashionistas everywhere.
Although she is busy being a world-philanthropist, author, CFDA president, and designer, DVF some how managed to collaborate with British author Camilla Morton on a fashion-fairytale called Diane von Furstenberg and the Tale of the Empress's New Clothes. Always doing things differently, DVF and Morton decided to begin the story with a twist: "The Empress's New Clothes turns an old story on its head, and as someone whose personal fairy tale started with marrying a prince instead of ending there, I can certainly identify with that. And really, it's a story about giving women confidence, which is what I have always tried to do in my work," says DVF.
The most unique quality about the story is that DVF uses her own clothing patterns and designs in the book's illustrations. This is definitely a little gift that would fit snug in someone's stocking. Young or old, this story appeals to everyone with its innovative and new storyline and its uncommon yet exceptional illustrations. You can find the book online and at select bookstores.
And you know what would go well with this little gift? How about a DVF dress from A.K. Rikk's... or perhaps a little DVF snow hat... or maybe an entire DVF outfit? That's more like it. We have several wrap dresses from her new 1974 line as well as a variety of blouses, shoes, skirts, accessories, and much more!