What To Pack: For The Lake

What To Pack: For The Lake

Off the grid doesn’t mean out of style. Head into the beautiful wild where the pace is slow and the mood is peaceful and tranquil. Whether you’re packing a large weekender or suitcase, fill that baby with fashion that makes your stay worth giving up all your comforts (goodbye technology and coffee shops).



Guys, bring that book you’ve been meaning to read. This is downtime central so immerse yourself in it. Your clothing? It’s all about packing for steamy days and chilly nights.

Outfit inspiration : Weekend warrior (or lakeside lounger) is a look that’s easy to create when you assemble a simple tee layered with a vest and paired with sweatpants or joggers. Round out the ensemble with signature sneakers and have a cigar on the deck because you’re in major chill mode here.  


The Vest : A foolproof way to add a layer of warmth, a lightweight vest comes in handy for cool morning fishing trips, windy boat adventures or bonfires at night. It’s a sensible look at the cottage and the Brunello Cucinelli Padded Jacket in an olive green will have you looking like a local. 

Sweatpants : These soft pants have the feel of pajamas but we all know they aren’t. A grey pair will go with everything and are great for your morning walk around the lake. Feeling extra? Pack joggers for the same feel but with a more modern look. 

Sneakers : Your favorite footwear styles well with jeans and shorts and has that laid-back appeal. This is the time to bring a new pair to break them in a bit.








































T-shirts : Just pack tons of tees in every color. We’re not kidding. Make sure they are soft and constructed of a breathable fiber such as a linen blend. You can spice things up with pocket or v-neck varieties or even a few graphic styles.


Sweaters : If your cabin trip is at the end of the summer, a thick sweater is essential for fickle weather. If you head into town for dinner, throw a lightweight vest over the sweater and you look like you put more thought into your outfit. 

Jeans : Bring as many styles and washes as you can. It’s true! Roll the hems and walk the shore or wear a distressed pair for that super informal look. Have fun with your cottage stay and pack a statement pair such as some white denim. It’s ideal for the barbecue or to look ultra charming under some patio twinkle lights.





















Slide Sandals : Easy on and off is key. You have to be ready at a moment’s notice to catch a ride on the boat, head out for bait or grab a few things you forgot to pack. It’s all about giving those toes some much-needed wiggle room. 

Hats : An easy way to remain fashionable, a hat can help a bad hair day and allow you a little privacy to hide under while keeping the sun off your face. Now’s the time to break out that bucket hat or try Varsity Headwear’s French Olive Linen hat. It’s a prime example of a loyal workhorse accessory. 


Shorts : This is the uniform: shorts, tees and a pair of sunglasses. Look for shorts with a slight stretch and loads of comfort such as the AG Wanderer Short. There’s a subtle pinstripe here that adds a little flair so you stand out in a sea of khaki. 

Denim Jacket : It’s a piece with that never-ending weekend appeal. A classic style offering coverage and an extra layer (a good look on guys), a jean jacket should pretty much always make the packing list. Distressed styles? Big yes. Pop the collar and roll the sleeves and work that off-duty vibe.



Ladies, rustic up! Pack plenty of dry shampoo and embrace tousled hair, sandy knees and easy basics. Your inspiration comes from utilitarian looks or a wee bit of glamping attire.

Outfit inspiration: Cottage chic means yoga pants, a feminine tank and a cozy hoodie. Add accessories including luxury sandals and a few twinkling gold jewelry pieces because a lady (even one in a remote lake cottage) should always shine. 


Short Sleeve Sweater : Think about packing comfortable pieces in neutral and versatile shades. A short sleeve sweater is a happy medium for boat rides in the sun and wind. This top pairs well with shorts, jeans and skirts.  


Shorts : An olive green short just screams let’s take a hike or a quick canoe trip. Battle the heat and style them with graphic tees and tanks. Some styles feature popular raw cut hems to give that worn in and used vibe that’s right at home here. 


Flat Sandals : Walk a picturesque trail with barely there footwear that doesn’t hinder your movement. A thong sandal or upscale flip flop is great for easy on and off. A black or tan style tends to match everything and pieces with gold hardware and buckles catch the light if you’re lounging on the dock. 


Decorative Bandana : Pack something cheery. This accessory is a chameleon of sorts and can be used to tie your hair back in a ponytail or to adorn your topknot. The Alex Mill cherry print scarf is a sweet and wholesome pattern. 


Popover Tunic : Uncomplicated pieces that can be worn for a myriad of moments free up room in your already overflowing suitcase. A tunic may be a top worn with jeans or styled as a short dress or a swim cover up. Easy pieces like this can be worn during your whole stay but look fresh and new by rolling the sleeves or loosening buttons. 


Good Old Denim : Jeans rule at the cottage. Distressed and ripped styles are what this scene is all about: timeworn traditions. A white pair has that simple and summery vibe that’s everything we love about warm weather styling. Add chambray tops or colorful gingham blouses and feel amazing. 


Unfussy Jewelry : It’s important for some girls to still feel dressed up. A little shine never hurts an outfit but we’re definitely paring down here so smaller, stud earrings are your best bet. Likewise, pack one or two simple necklaces on the rare occasion you head into town for dinner and want to feel more put together. The tiny, gold Logan Hollowell North Star Moonstone earrings are a nod to nature and the scenery but aren’t over the top or impractical. 


Sneakers : When it’s lawn game time you want to stay steady and on your feet. Same goes for an entry-level hike or walk to take pictures or collect shells. More and more we’re seeing skirts and dresses styled with sporty sneakers for a casual and chic perspective. 


Comfortable Hoodie : Grab an oversized style (so trendy right now) and perch on the deck with a throw blanket, your morning coffee and start the day on a reflective note. The ATM Chenille Zip Up Hoodie in a classy pearl grey is a no-brainer. 


Tank Top : It’s going to be hot so you want to bask in the sun in a laid-back tank. It’s also going to get cool so this same style serves you well by peeking out as a layer under cardigans, kimonos and denim jackets. 


Yoga Pants : Black yoga pants allow you to move freely for all-day comfort. Plus, going rural means dirt (sorry to break it to you) so black is forgiving when it comes to getting a little grubby. This basic is an easy addition to all the sweatshirts, easy blouses and tees you’ll be sporting. 



You're going to pack so much fun into this weekend getaway and it's because you packed the right styles. Remember, when you pack with intention, everything turns out just right. 

You can shop our women's packing list here and our men's packing list here !





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