Tips on How to Give the Gift that Matters

Tips on How to Give the Gift that Matters

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.” ―Eleanor Roosevelt

When was the last time you remember giving the perfect gift? How did you know? Was it an audible expression of joy from the receiver- possibly tears or verbal affirmation? Or was it the joy you felt seeing their eyes light up? What is it that drives us to not only give, but to want to give THE BEST present under the tree?

Science has taught us that giving to others can actually make us happier than spending that same amount of money on yourself. Neurological research suggests that we are literally hardwired to get pleasure from giving. In an article from The Economist, the saying “A gift is a sale at the price of zero” was evaluated. They state, “In strict monetary terms this is true. But most people do expect to be paid for gifts, albeit in the non-monetary currency known as gratitude. This has many denominations: words of appreciation, hugs and kisses and, particularly, smiles. The wider point the quote was making, though, is pertinent. A gift will cause a misallocation of resources if the recipient would have preferred something else that would have been no more expensive for the donor to acquire.” This means picking the RIGHT gift is really what’s important.

Before all those feelings of joy and happiness, a whole lot of stress can unfortunately occur. Finding the perfect gift for someone can be hard- especially when it’s for a spouse or parent who "doesn't want anything this year," a coworker that you got matched to for Secret Santa, or a brother or sister with whom you share no similar interests. Let us help you with some tips on finding the gift that matters. 

Tips on How to Give the Gift that Matters

First, it’s important to remember- It’s not about YOU, it’s about THEM. It’s very easy to see something that you love and assume that your friend would love it too; however, we are all different. We should always think of that person rather than ourselves when buying for them. Thoughtful and personal gifts can go a long way, and empathizing with the receiver is a great first place to start.

If you spend a lot of time with this person, start writing things down throughout the year that he or she mentions in passing or as you see posts on social media where the receiver posts items or brands with the "" or with "#NEED" or " #WANT." The receiver would be delighted if you somehow found just the thing they wanted without even asking—and that they may have even forgotten they wanted themselves.

Next, make a list of all the things the person is interested in or things that define who they are. From this list, brainstorm a gift, large or small, that can connect with each trait. Keep in mind their personal style. Unsure? Take some ideas from their home, what they wear, or even their Pinterest page as this will tell you a lot about what they like.

Nothing on the list sticking out to you? Look to the past and future versions of the receiver. What are some special moments they celebrated this year? Have they had a promotion or gotten a new car? Are they a new parent? What’s a defining moment in their life? What’s a dream they are working on? Do they have a vacation coming up? Do another brainstorm based on this new list with gifts that connect to their memories or aspirations.

If all else fails, do some research. Do they have a wish list online anywhere? Check out their social media accounts. Can you ask a spouse or friend for a list or anything that has been mentioned in passing? Ask where he or she like to shop. Bringing other voices into the process just might sprout up ideas you hadn’t thought of!

Now that you have identified the gift, consider the experience of opening the gift. Be creative. What kind of wrapping would the receiver love? Does the receiver like gifts with a sense of humor? Consider wrapping a tiny present in a large box for a laugh. Want to make the experience last longer? Come up with a scavenger hunt where the receiver has to find the gift. You’ll be not only gifting an item, but creating a memory.

Following these tips and brainstorming will take a little extra time on the front end, but you will likely save you time in the long run (as your search is more intentional and focused). Most importantly, you are more likely to give a present that’s a totally perfect fit for the person you are buying for.

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