The Pant Every Man Needs: PT01

The Pant Every Man Needs: PT01

PT01 is constantly evolving their product to grow with their consumer. Check out this article from Forbes to learn more about PT01's revolutionary pants:

"The dominant characteristics of our time seem to dictate the beta of a new style. The rules tend to fade away before our eyes. Prior to constructing new ones, we try and seek assurance that the styles are on point and align with our personal identities. Fashion responds to the changing times by offering styles suited for a new demographic and adapting to a variety of conditions - thus by indulging us with elegance and delicacy and nowadays, quite often disruption. It's taken decades, but by continuing to expand product lines and styles, denim is getting a well-deserved transformation by redefining what a jean looks like to this generation.

The idea of taking "high range" pants  to a new level seems to be a natural projection. Nevertheless, there still seems to be truckloads of available options of out-of-date jeans and pants available for men. If you happen to be young most options look fine. But after 35 - 40 years of age, a mans physique changes to new form and jeans that once looked good -sadly, no longer appear nor fit the same as they had fit you in your heyday. Whether it is a choice of technical fabric or other distinguishing features, the reference is clear, with a touch of modernism and considerable work of experienced hands a fresh new variety of product offerings are all part of the mix.

Italy's pant giant is selling and working in the USA to convince American retailers, editors and consumers that PT Pantaloni Torino (better known as PTO1) is a market for them. Founded in 2007, PTO1 is an Italian company wholly owned by the Fassino family. The company creates, produces and distributes worldwide and is renowned for having been able to combine and achieve great success both abroad and in the USA due in part- as it served as the catalyst for change in modern day menswear. Yet, until men were able to feel in a comfort zone with respect to new styles, and shapes. At this time, the climate is right for change and consumers around the nation are seeking fit, ease and style that allow individuality and comfort.

I recently had the chance to sit with PT Pantaloni Torino Creative Director and CEO Edoardo Fassino to discuss the unconventional fashion, aesthetic maturity and innovative style with the best ingredients!"


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Credit: DeAcetis, Joseph. "Pants With PT01: How Italy Is Revamping Denim Once Again." Forbes. July 28, 2017. Read the full article here

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