New Brand Alert: Hoorsenbuhs

New Brand Alert: Hoorsenbuhs


When you see the word "Hoorsenbuhs" you may ask yourself, “What does that even mean?” But believe us, once you try on this jewelry brand, you won’t be able to get that name out of your head (roughly pronounced "horse in booze"). 

Hoorsenbuhs founders, Robert Keith and Kether Parker, have taken a completely new approach on “fine jewelry” by creating timeless, weighty, silver and gold jewelry for both men and women that is meant to catch your eye and make you stand out from the crowd.

It was Robert Keith’s finding of a black and white photo of a Dutch merchant ship, once sailed by his ancestors, that sparked the creation of this renowned brand. The merchant ship was called the Hoorsenbuhs, but now that name has taken on a completely new identity in the luxury world. The jewelry is hand crafted in their Santa Monica atelier and captures the sailing background of the brands name by using their classic tri-link motif that is inspired by a stud-link anchor found on old ships, like the Hoorsenbuhs.

Hoorsenbuhs stands strong behind their “no-gifting rule," so anytime a celebrity is seen wearing their pieces, it's because they chose to own one of these luxury pieces for themselves. You can often see celebrities like Mary-Kate Olsen, Rihanna, Kanye West, David Beckham, and many more sporting these stand out pieces. Most of the Hoorsenbuhs jewelry seen on celebs is their solid 18k gold pieces that features diamonds sprinkled throughout the jewelry, but the brand also recently started creating sterling silver pieces with and without diamonds. 

With so many variations of their original designs, there is a perfect piece of Hoorsenbuhs for everyone to rock with their own style! Join us on Thursday and Friday October 17 and 18, 2019 for an immersive Hoorsenbuhs experience. We'll have over 100 additional pieces in store for this weekend only with champagne service and the opportunity to meet a representative from the brand, Gilbert Montoya. 

Can't wait until next week? Click HERE to see what pieces we have to shop in store NOW. 

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