Men's European Fashion Week Roundup

Men's European Fashion Week Roundup

For those who follow fashion, you know that the Fall 2018 Menswear season debuts each January. So far this year, Menswear Fashion Week has visited London (January 6-8), Milan (January 12-15), and Paris (January 17-21). In fact, our buying team, Creative Director, and President attended a number of these shows. They were up close and personal with the brands and people you love, getting inspiration and direction for how A.K. Rikk’s can keep our clients looking classic, yet modern and on trend. So far, here is what we are seeing (with quotes from writers who were in attendance)...

Belstaff: Belstaff1 Belstaff2 Belstaff4 Belstaff3 Belstaff5 Wartime dispatch rider’s coats (long, copious, and cozy) were recast in black shearling or an off-olive calf, while high-cut bikers in black leather were remixed via panels of leopard and black velvet, or speckled with a fine white paint-spatter effect… The main attraction here though was the outerwear, with the Trialmaster top of the bill. – Luke Leitch

Etro: Etro1 Etro2 Etro3 Etro4 Etro5 Almost camouflaged in this habitat, the abitos (suits) worth inhabiting included check topcoats with rough-edged hems and malachite brooches and pins at the lapel, velvet coats with contrasting paisley collars, trousers in leather corduroy, marble patterned and riotously psychedelic bombers and suits, woolen coats with horse embroideries trailing yarn fringes, Bruce Chatwin felt hats, brocade-edged robe coats, carpet backpacks, and neck chains linked through antique teaspoons. – Luke Leitch Brunello Cucinelli: Cucinelli1Cucinelli6While in keeping with the well-established Cucinelli look, there were subtle tweaks on fit, which was slightly looser, and on proportions, with jackets and pants slightly longer: just-nuanced improvements, detected only by the trained eye and by the many diehard Cucinelli aficionados, but effective in giving the look a fresh update. As for the made-in-Italy fabrics, corduroy velvet was treated almost as cashmere, feathery light and supple, for comfortably stylish pantsuits paired with cloud-like alpaca sweaters. Shearling peacoats were likewise buttery soft. Styling was kept simple yet layered; colors were warm and tonal. Like everything else in the collection, they were tastefully blended and balanced with flair. – Tiziana Cardini

Ermenegildo Zegna: Zegna1 Zegna4 Zegna2 Zegna5 Zegna3 “The show was partially inspired by the Oasi Zegna, the Alpine nature reserve around the family company’s home base… A major part of the collection were the sports coats and top coats in double-faced Oasi cashmere, a new fabric whose dyes were all chemical-free and derived from natural ingredients... These were clothes which, like the Oasi, were painstakingly stewarded to look as natural in their beauty as possible... Long felted cashmere coats and even a magnificent cashmere jumpsuit featured semi-articulated pockets with different-color inserts at the seam. There was a lovely matte cotton corduroy used in color-blocked suiting, while pattern was provided via monochrome or yellow-on-black check suits delivered in a brushed alpaca mix, treated both before and after construction to abstract and soften the contrasting colors with blur and texture...This was an elaborately constructed oasis of out-there luxury menswear, perfect for any well funded man in search of shelter from the norm.” – Luke Leitch   How amazing were these Fall 2018 Menswear collections from some of our favorite brands? We’ll be keeping a keen eye on what’s coming up during Menswear Fashion Week in New York (February 5-8). Want to learn more about what we’re doing? Want to come to one of our events or fashion shows? Stay in the loop by reading the blog, following our social media accounts, and subscribe to our e-mail list.

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