Fall Trends 2019: Future Actions

Fall Trends 2019: Future Actions

FUTURE ACTIONS belongs in the stars. It’s out there in terms of touches of neon, glass shard inspiration and far-fetched futuristic imaginings. Translucent plastics reign as well as anything with a metallic coating. It’s experimental attire worthy of boarding a spaceship. Rewatch the movie TheMatrixand take notes.


Men's FUTURE ACTIONS Color Trends :

NEUTRAL GREY has a sleek sensibility. Slate floors, marble staircases and concrete buildings rule here. It’s calming, serene and filled with a timeless grace yet tough enough to wear to the boardroom.




Fluorescent wins. ACID GREEN is the neon sign blinking on a dark night. This loud hue is artsy and toxic. You may wear it in full doses on a raincoat or add blips of it on your clothing radar in the form of soles on shoes, laces or on accessories. This color doesn’t know how to stop.



Men's : Expect a bit of moon landing chic with SILVER REFLECTIONS. It’s okay to space out here where the mood board would be a bit cold, metallic and masculine.



Women's FUTURE ACTIONS Color Trends :

SILVER is coming at us fast and the shine is alive! This color has built-in movement so however you wear it, it drapes the body like a liquid. There’s a metallic tang here so dresses, purses and tops are full force (so be ready to feel it).




Prepare to be an AUBERGINE gal. It’s plum with a dose of drama that leaves you spellbound. It’s stop-in-the-streets provocative and wearing it means running the risk of being mistaken for a starlet. Not everyone will touch this and that’s why you should.



That’s a quick recap of what’s to come and it’s a lot to live up to. No worries, at A.K. Rikk’s, we promise to weave one theme throughout each trend and that’s the thread of luxury.


We’re about the experience, the small taste and promise of more and the deep-dive into that life. We don’t just sell luxury pieces, we serve a lifestyle with every fabric that caresses your shoulders, each spritz of cologne--down to the sheen on your loafers. Everything is top-shelf. It’s where you belong. Let us show you how it’s done.

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