Fashion Speaks Out Event Recap

Fashion Speaks Out Event Recap

On June 1, 2019, A.K. Rikk's, clients, and honored guests came together for Fashion Speaks Out, a black tie event, in partnership with Speaks Out, to end the silence surrounding mental health.

The night was an alluring experience of art, fashion, appetizers, cocktails, and surprise performances and installations from the Calvin College Gospel Choir, Grand Rapids Ballet, live statues from Imagine Circus, artist Joshua Solas, Lions & Rabbits collective artists, and Sharon Irving- finalist on America's Got Talent.

Clients entered through the front of the store and were greeted by live artists, champagne, and a choir of singing. Next, they entered the event space that was transformed into the "back room" or storage area of a museum/artist's studio. In the back lawn, we had a variety of performers (including a surprise performance from the Grand Rapids Ballet) and a more "perfect/pristine" set up with a sushi conveyor train and more. This juxtaposition represented what many people with mental health issues struggle with on a daily basis- no matter how "pretty" or put together a person looks on the outside, you are never aware of what they may be struggling with on the inside.  

The fashion show further exemplified the agony of struggling alone in depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders but showed how empowering and strong a person can become when speaking out and partnering with others who know the struggle and can relate. This idea of celebrating "speaking out" and coming together culminated in a dance party.

Despite the rain, our store, with three other stores across the nation, inspired the community and our peers in the fashion industry to speak out and foster conversation to end the silence surrounding mental health. Learn more about our cause below and click HERE to see future events coming up! 


Special thanks to our amazing sponsors: 

The Richard & Barbara Gaby Foundation

Daniel & Pamella DeVos Foundation

Lighthouse Group

Dr. J. Todd Brown and Orthopedic Associates of West Michigan 

AC Hotel Marriott 

Acrisure Benefits Group 

Wanderlux Beauty and Wellness Spa

Sharpe Cars


Michael and Glynn Ann Ruggeri 

Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation

Bradley and Jennifer Taylor 

Lions and Rabbits 

E + L Salon

Event Theory