A Word From Our Events Coordinator

A Word From Our Events Coordinator

I am currently listening to “Seasons of Love” from RENT as I reflect on 2018. We had 5,025,600 minutes this year, and a HUGE portion of those minutes was spent with our A.K. Rikk’s family- clients, coworkers, vendors, the baristas at the D&W Starbucks and more. Serving over 3,000 of YOU was truly the best part of the year.

From outfitting you for your new job, upcoming vacation, and special events to watching movies as a community in our back yard and partnering with Hope Network to raise money to support those struggling with mental health issues, the people and relationships are at the core of what makes working (and shopping) at A.K. Rikk’s so special. Providing experiences and opportunities for people to connect one-on-one or in a larger setting in an industry I love is the highlight of my job, and I’m inspired to come to work each day!

As you saw in the video above, we had 46 events this year! If you have never been to one of our events, I encourage you to subscribe to our e-mails and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We diligently communicate about all the ways you can get involved and experience luxury like never before. Whether it’s a fashion show, workshop, charity, community, or sales event, we seek to inspire and add value to your life with new experiences, knowledge, and awareness. Additionally, follow our accounts to see behind-the-scenes looks at the operations of A.K. Rikk’s each day- see new products as they arrive in Shipping & Receiving, get to know our 36 staff members more personally, and see what our Buying Team experiences as they travel internationally to bring the latest in fashion back to Grand Rapids and ultimately to YOU. We’d love to continue to connect with you both in-store and online. 

On behalf of myself and the entire A.K. Rikk’s staff, we’d like to thank you for allowing us to serve you this year. Cheers to 2019!


Kelley Hughes, Events Coordinator