President Jim Murray Interview with MR Magazine

President Jim Murray Interview with MR Magazine

Since 1990, retailers, designers, menswear execs and fashion insiders have turned to MR Magazine for accurate information, insightful analysis, innovative ideas and trend spotting, as well an inside look at the people who drive the menswear business. Published four times a year, MR has become the primary source on everything from denim and sportswear to suits and furnishings. 

Among the best parts of the Project/MRket shows in New York and Vegas is learning from successful retailers and brands.

At this summer's NY show, Karen Alberg Grossman, Editor in Chief at MR Magazine, interviewed our President, Jim Murray! "He did not disappoint, as the standing-room-only crowd can testify". Click the video above to see the interview or read some excerpts from their discussion HERE

Check out more articles written on the event below:


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