Five Questions with Isaia Made-To-Measure Specialist, Brian Cook

Five Questions with Isaia Made-To-Measure Specialist, Brian Cook

Our Made-To-Measure service is an ideal choice for the gentleman who wants to create a garment that perfectly compliments his style. You can expect luxurious fabric selections, customizeable pocket placement, lapel shape, buttons, and other variables. We recently sat down with Brian Cook and asked him five questions to gain better insight and knowledge about the ISAIA Made-To-Measure experience.

Why use a Made-To-Measure service?

You have the ability to perfect the fit of a garment and the availability of different models, linings and other details that make the Made-To-Measure options truly unique. In a world where nearly everything is available at the push of a button, true luxury is all about personalization.

What makes Neapolitan tailoring so special?

The fitting of a garment from Napoli should be like a second skin, light weight, soft and something that you ultimately forget you are even wearing. There is little to no padding in the shoulder or structure in the chest and most of the time a half lined jacket. With ISAIA another point of differentiation, is the amount of handwork that goes into the garment, something that makes it truly special and something you will cherish for many years.

Which ISAIA pieces are Made-To-Measure applicable?

For the MTM offering we can create the following to your specs: suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, beautiful tuxedos and dinner jackets. Also, in the fall, we are happy to showcase some amazing and unique options for overcoats and outerwear pieces.

What is to be expected with a Made-To-Measure experience?

First thing would be the fitting, we allow plenty of time for this as we will need to take quite a few essential measurements and possibly try on a few garments as well. This is the one part of the experience I see neglected most often, most people want to get to picking out a swatch very quickly because that is the fun part but, it is a big mistake to forgo the fitting portion. After that we can relax and look at fabrics, models and decide all of the details.

What is the inspiration behind the collection?

The town of San Luecio is the inspiration for the season. Nestled in the hills near Napoli, the town is home to a legendary silk textile workshop that dates back to the Bourbon Dynasty. The factory was extremely advanced for it’s day. ISAIA's winter collection features wool or satin in relief that is a modern take on neoclassic concentric Greek key motifs and patterns. This dynamic is also expressed in scarves and silk jacquard with tie prints.

ISAIA ensures every patterned fabric such as checks, stripes, and other designs line up seamlessly by cutting every cloth by hand. Schedule a Personal Shopping appointment to explore Isaia's Made-To-Measure collection using the form below.


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